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TOPSIM – Business Simulations

Training and Capability Development

Simulation-based training.

Close the gap between knowing and doing.

Create excitement and build experience, expertise, and soft skills in this highly impactful learning tool. Simulation-based training utilizes gamification and ensures engagement and meaningful learning transfer.  Participants live and feel the strategic and operational challenges of the industry, allowing them to develop a perspective or genuine experience through emotional connection.

Learn business by doing business.

Business and Management simulations are flexible tools that can be leveraged across all levels of the HR value chain – from recruitment to wargaming strategy exercises for senior leadership roles. They develop competencies and knowledge, and change behavior sustainability to increase organizational performance.

Increase participants' knowledge and understanding of the business industry, culture, and norms.

Practice stress-testing, risk assessment, and management as well as strategy setting and execution.

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Engage in strategic conversations and out of the box thinking to extract meaningful insights into key industry trends, challenges, and issues.

Collaborate in teams by sharing experience, expertise, and by engaging in dialogue.

Collectively analyze how major industry disruptions ripple through all the levels of the business model.

Experience a highly-engaging "learning by doing" concept, putting into practice the most impactful gamification principles proven to achieve the most sustainable and measurable learning retention.

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